Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Persistent Dr Williams

While no one has posted in my blog's comment sections on behalf of "Dr Okosun" in a long time, there have been numerous posts for "Dr Williams", all of which have been deleted and will continue to be deleted.

I have to say that I am stunned at the sheer number of posts for Dr Williams, not only on my blog, but on blogs and websites all over the Internet. No other scammer has posted so many times on my blog. Even after I delete posts that make it through my filters, a new post is often attempted within a day or two. I've already blocked several profiles from posting in my comments section, but it appears that this particular set of scammers has many hijacked Google+ profiles under their control. Even the profiles that have posted for other scammer "herbal doctors" are utilizing hijacked profiles whose only current function is attempting to swindle the gullible.

The following is typical of posts that I and others have received:
. Is my pleasure to comment on this site and i thank the admin of this site for his/her great work so far. I really don’t know how to thank DR WILLIAMS for helping me get cured for over 20 year of suffering from a terrible tinnitus, my tinnitus started when i turns 10 we all thought is going to end one day but even get worse as days went by,i have tried all western drugs prescribed by doctors but to no avail i lost total concentration, even at night i screams even more because the sounds become louder because everywhere is quiet. i came across DR WILLIAMS contact through a headline news on internet about how DR WILLIAMS have help so many people to get cured of tinnitus and so many other with similar body problem ,i contacted him and he told me how to get his herb,few day later he sent me the herbal portion which i take every morning for 21 days, and his medicine was able to restore me back to normal and now am very okay without any side effects whatsoever If you have Tinnitus, you can contact him on his email address for help
Having my curiosity sufficiently aroused, I decided to contact Dr Williams to see what his gimmick might be, assuming that it would simply be more like Dr Okosun, but with a different name. Overall, he's similar, but there are some differences which I will share.

Using a spare email account under a pseudonym, I sent a short message to him and claimed that I suffered from diabetes. Within a day, he sent this reply:
Well thanks for the information you have provided me with, this will help me understand your condition better.I am an herbal doctor from Indian right now am in Singapore to sell my product, and i am provide a final and permanent cure to diabetes using herbal treatment methods. Where i employ herbal medicine is where Western medicine has failed and in this your case i would strongly recommend you use this herbal medicine and be free forever. I have been using this herbal medicine for over 3 decades now and its been from one success to the other, that is why you got to even know about me. I do not know if you believe in herbal medicine? But if you do that will be easier so you can be okay soon and be free from this bondage Which country are you from. how old are you
He writes under the name "Itua Williams". Now, "Itua" is an African name, not an Indian one and is often seen among Nigerians. Why he would use an obviously African name, while claiming to be an Indian living in Singapore seemed unlikely and I assumed he was lying about where he lives. I replied to this email that I live in the United States and I gave him a fictitious age. Shortly after I sent it, he replied:
like i said in my previous mail i have a medicine that can cure you permanently from diabetes whatsoever be the symptoms as far as it has to do with the body cells, this medicine is herbal and it is liquid in form, it has a natural taste (it is not bitter or slimy nor any offensive odor) the best part of it all is that it has no side effects whatsoever.
My herbal medicine is 100% effective in the treatment of diabetes like it treated the person who might have told you. My medicine works in a special way by reviving the damage made to the  cells in the pancreas and also works in the muscle tone too, by and in a special way which i call herbogenesis repair the damage made to the insulin.
You are expected to use the medicine for 21 days which is three weeks and within that three weeks you take the medicine once a day after eating in the morning. Before the end of the 21 days (3 weeks) you will already start seeing and experiencing results and to confirm it all you can see your doctor for final confirmation.

 I sent another reply, but didn't disclose any real information about myself. He soon sent this:
I trust my medicine and i give 100% money back guarantee and assurance that after using it you will be fine and perfectly okay without anything to worry about as regards your diabetes . This medicine is a one time medicine that needs no repetition over time because it gives a permanent cure to diabetes . Once you use it now that is final for life you are cured. What i do believe is in action and that is why i will say a trial will definitely convince and cure you. 

You can simply get the medicine delivered to you by placing and order through me by simply sending your full postal address where you want the medicine delivered to and you will get the medicine between 1-7 working days so you can start using it. 

The only problem i think you might be having is that the medicine is quite expensive and it costs $480 USD but if you can afford it and use it, you will be glad you did and might even be the one referring those with similar conditions to me for treatment. Health is wealth. If you wish to place an order for the herbal medicine let me know so i tell you on how to go about it.

Be rest assured that your cure awaits you. If you are confused about anything or you have any questions feel free to ask now we are friends and i will make out time out of my busy schedule to answer you.
I await your reply soonest and i look forward to helping you so this problem of yours can be a thing of the past.

Kind Regards
I sent a another reply, asking how the "medicine" would be delivered. As in the Okosun case, I wanted to see if he would list specific herbs. Any agricultural products (e.g. herbs, fruits, vegetables, etc) would likely be stopped by US Customs at the border. I was never under any illusion that he would ever send anything, but I was just curious. He sent this:
don't worry about the shipments it we be sent through dhl or USPS delivery service.

when you are ready to get it I we send you the account details that you are going to use for the transfer.
With most scammers, payments would be sent via Western Union, which has worked well for scammers in the past. In recent years, they have begun to abandon Western Union for other means of money transfers, such as iTunes gift cards. My curiosity about how he wanted the money sent was soon answered:
you make the transfer through this bank details
Name: Ng Poo Hong
ACCOUNT NO: 0231037187
address:    29 new upper changi road #04-772

when exactly are you making the deposit let me start making preparation of the delivering.
So, my assumption of him lying about being in Singapore was incorrect, unless he really is an African with a Singaporean co-conspirator who accepts the payments in exchange for a cut and then "Dr Williams" would receive his share later via a separate money transfer. It seems that the scammers are getting smarter about how they receive their ill-gotten gains, especially since Western Union has come under increasing pressure to prevent their service from being used by scammers. A simple bank transfer is relatively quick and the monies can swiftly be transferred to yet another account, never again to be seen by the victim. 

The given address of 29 New Upper Changi Road #04-772 is a real location in Singapore and a quick Google search reveals the name of a business that occupies it as Cyber Engineering (M&E) PTE. Ltd. and the address is current, as of January 2017. I have been unable to find any information regarding who owns this company, its telephone number or even what the company does.

I have no idea how common a name like "Ng Poo Hong" may be in Singapore, so attempting to locate this individual seems like a waste of time.

However, the bank mentioned, DBS Saving Plus, is a real financial institution. But, reporting these scammers to the bank may be fruitless, as I'd have to prove that they are violating Singaporean laws.

So, "Dr Williams" is a likely African scammer, posing as an Indian and using a Singaporean bank.

That's about it.

Duane Browning
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