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I've Got My Eye on You,

UPDATE: the webmaster of this site has deleted all content, except for the background picture on the home page. The only remaining text on the website says this:
We are not affilaited with
I'm left to wonder why they put that website up in the first place. I'm also wondering if he's ever heard of SpellCheck. But, it also indicates that some people had found out about the site, did some checking and contacted the owner/webmaster about it.

Original Post 

After the recent take down of, I decided to check for any other malicious websites that seek to harass and/or profit from the public Internet shaming of people. Specifically, I wanted to see if ExposingJohns may have have either a clone site (set-up by them to serve as a sort of backup in case the main site went down) or a copycat site (set-up by others to serve a similar purpose) and I found

While a "john" is the street term for a man who patronizes prostitutes, I have no idea what a "jill" is supposed to be and I'm guessing neither does the dumbfuck who created the website. In case you're wondering, it's not a slang term for a woman who solicits prostitutes. It's not a slang term for anything.

There are different possibilities for why ExposingJills exists:
1) it was created by the same people who set-up to serve as a backup;
2) some of the people who set-up went off on their own and made so they could have their own separate operation and keep all the money for themselves;
3) it's a copycat operation, created to either serve the stated purpose of (exposing men who solicit prostitutes via the Internet in order to publicly shame them and/or to use the posted information in order to pressure the men to pay for its removal);
4) it serves no purpose whatsoever anymore, as the owner appears to have abandoned it shortly after its creation.

The links between ExposingJills and ExposingJohns seem pretty obvious, as text from the ExposingJohns website appears on the ExposingJills website, almost word-for-word. Here are two examples, I have not corrected the spelling:
What wey actually do

Our operations are clean and professional

ExposingJills is an online organization, which investigates, identifies, and publicizes the conduct of adults who solicit prostitutes for sex online  The site consists of Third party volunteers who carry out stingy operations by posing as prostitutes on sites known for being used to prostituteyy.

and also
Why we operateyy

Exposing Johns actually cares

Our service allows for you to view people who solicit prostitutes for sex online. Knowing who these people are brings awareness to local policy departmentsy, possible significant others and anyone this kind of activity might concern.yy

and especially here
Whyyy people trust usyy

Read some testimonialyys from our users.

“My ex-husband was acting strange and distant with me and I had a feeling that he wasyyy cheating on me so when I investigated and searched his number online I found he was reported to Exposing Johns. This along with other things I found on his phone was enough to prove that he had been cheating on me with prostitutes.yyyy

Notice where it says that the person had been reported to ExposingJohns, not ExposingJills. This shows outright plagiarism of the original source of this text. Add to that, there are several pictures of women on the site that have apparently been lifted from somewhere else and are obviously not the original creation of ExposingJills' creators.

So, is there some other link between them?

That's hard to determine. ExposingJohns was created on 14 April 2013 while ExposingJills was created on 13 November 2014, so there's over a year's difference. This makes me think that they were not created by the same people.

So, who's behind

According to a WHOIS search, it was registered to a person going by the name Farhan Khokhar who claims to be from Highland Heights, Kentucky. I'm using the terms "going by the name" and "claims to be from" because it is entirely possible that the site was registered under a false name. Searching Facebook for it shows a list of people with the name Farhan Khokhar, so, let's not jump to conclusions. registry whois

Updated 1 second ago - Refresh

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientRenewProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 13-nov-2014
Creation Date: 13-nov-2014
Expiration Date: 13-nov-2015 registrar whois
Updated 1 second ago
Registry Domain ID: 1885012659_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Update Date: 2014-11-13T00:24:19Z
Creation Date: 2014-11-13T00:24:19Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2015-11-13T00:24:19Z
Registrar:, LLC
Registrar IANA ID: 146
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.480-624-2505

Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Farhan Khokhar
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 24 Highland Meadows circle
Registrant Street: #4
Registrant City: highland heights
Registrant State/Province: Kentucky
Registrant Postal Code: 41076
Registrant Country: United States
Registrant Phone: +1.5136173980
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:
Registry Admin ID:

The registrant's email address, phone number, and even the personal name of the registrant all go back to Casual Corporate Transportation, a company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Google+ account for Farhan Khokhar mentions him as the owner of Casual Corporate Transportation. Highland Heights is located near the Kentucky-Ohio border and is 7 miles southeast of Downtown Cincinnati.

Conclusions (for now)

So far, the website hasn't done anything wrong. No personal information has been posted on the site and no threats of exposure have yet been made. Right now, the site has nothing to threaten anyone with. While ExposingJohns had thousands of profiles of suspected johns, ExposingJills has nothing.

Aside from plagiarizing text from, there is little similarity between the two sites. ExposingJohns was registered and had its servers in foreign countries (i.e. India and Russia, respectively) and ExposingJills is registered and has its servers in the United States. 

While ExposingJohns was extant for a over a year and was very difficult to take down, unless ExposingJills transfers its registration and servers to foreign lands, a few emails would be all it took to remove it from the Internet.

So, while the site appears to have been created to serve the same purpose as ExposingJohns, it hasn't yet done anything to cause me to report it to anyone.

Duane Browning

It's the End of the World...Again

No matter how many times people have predicted the End of the World, only to have those prophecies go unfulfilled, there will always be someone else coming along to do it again and there will always be people gullible enough to believe them.

If you had hoped that End of the World predictions would have stopped after nothing came of the 2012 doomsayers, you hoped in vain. There have been numerous people who predicted the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and all of then have been proven wrong. There are still yet other individuals who claim to know when Jesus will return, but don't hold your breath.

Sadly, when predictions like these come down the pike, there will be people who believe them wholeheartedly. People have given away all their possessions in anticipation of Jesus' return and other people who have actually killed themselves out of fear of the coming Apocalypse.

So, people have suffered financial ruin, psychological trauma and even death because of self-appointed prophets.

Enter Gabriel Ansley, who (like so many others) claims to know with absolute certainty, when Jesus will return. He has authored a book and produced a video, which you can see below.

How to Tell Time

The open claim of this film is that Jesus will return during the 2000th year after his crucifixion, which 2028End gives as the year 28AD, so Jesus is supposedly returning in the year 2028AD,

The video gives  examples of various events in Biblical history and claims that each of these events was prophesied during the Genesis Creation account and further links these events to Jesus' life and death. While they are rather creative interpretations, most of them aren't anything new. If you've heard enough Evangelical preachers' sermons, you've heard these examples before.

The biggest problem with this film is that it uses the wrong calendar.

The premise of the film is that Jesus' Second Coming will take place on the 2000th anniversary of his death, which will coincide with the 6000th year since the Creation of the Universe as told in the Genesis account. But, they're using the wrong dating system and they are off by over 200 years!

The only calendar mentioned in the Jewish Bible (a.k.a. the Old Testament) is the Hebrew calendar and it alone is the guide for the Jews to tell them when their holy days occur. Passover doesn't happen in the month of May or April, it happens on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Nisan. The Hebrew calendar is the same calendar that Jesus himself used, not the Julian calendar which the Romans used and certainly not the Gregorian calendar we use today. The people behind 2028 End are claiming that from Day One of Creation, Jesus's Second Coming will occur 6000 Gregorian calendar years later and this is just plain laughable.

Today's date (the day I am posting this blog entry) is January 24, 2015.

But, according to the Hebrew calendar, today's date is the 4th of Sh'vat, 5775. The Hebrew calendar years are counted from Day One of Creation. So, this year is the 5775th year since God created the Universe. So, we have another 225 years until the 6000th year of the Hebrew calendar.

So, if we want to find out what the Gregorian year will be on the First Day of Passover (15th day of Nisan) in the Hebrew calendar year 6000, we simply put it through this handy-dandy converter and we get April 7, 2240.

I posted a comment on Gabriel's video, explaining all this and here is his response:
The Hebrew calendar's year count is wrong ... google "missing years in jewish calendar"
Furthermore, I have given ample Biblical evidence proving God prophesied in His Word the Messiah, Christ Jesus, would be dying on the cross during Earth's 4,000 solar year of existence. No calendar is needed to understand this truth.  It's a simple fact that when Earth was making its 4,000 trip around the sun, counted from Creation, Jesus Christ was dying on the cross.
Once this truth is understood, THEN, one can go to a calendar and decide when 2,000 solar years will be after Jesus' death.  On that note, our Gregorian calendar is fine ... Christ died around AD 28, and thus year 6,000 will be around year AD 2028.  
While the Hebrew calendar certainly has its problems, no calendar system is perfect. Even the Gregorian calendar has issues. After all, the Earth doesn't circle the Sun in exactly 365 24-hour days. It's a little off and we've known this for a long time. But, Gabe seems to prefer to stick with the Gregorian calendar because the Hebrew calendar doesn't tell him what he wants to hear, while he can make the Gregorian one fit into his preconceived ideas. He says bases his claim that the date of 28AD when Jesus was supposed to have died upon an article written for the website Biblical Theology. However, even that article has problems, regardless of what Gabriel thinks. The author claims that Herod the Great died in the year 1BC and not 4BC as most scholars claim. However, Herod's own sons dated the start of their respective reigns from 4BC, so their father was already dead by then. While Gabriel may wish to believe what Pallant Ramsundar says, he's not basing his beliefs on the writings of a Biblical scholar. here's what Virginia State University says about him:
Dr. Pallant Ramsundar – A research professor who earned his Ph.D. in Rapid Manufacturing from the University of Cambridge in England.  Dr. Ramsundar’s research interests include product design and development, flexible manufacturing solutions, manufacturing automation and real time production control and management.
Whatever Gabriel thinks about Dr Ramsundar's paper, the claim of 28AD being the actual year of Jesus' death has not found acceptance in scholarly circles.

An additional claim made in the movie is that God established the 7-day week and that humanity "unknowingly celebrates it every 7-day week". 

While the 7-day week is in worldwide usage, that has more to do with the spread of Judaism, Christianity and Islam over the centuries, rather than any sort of default programming hidden in the human brain. The Ancient Romans used an eight-day week until the fourth century CE, when it was supplanted with the seven day week. China, Japan, Korea and Ancient Egypt used a ten-day week. You can find more examples at this link.

The Ancient Babylonians used a seven-day week and the ancient Hebrews originated from that part of the world. While not perfect, a better system couldn't be easily developed or adopted.

A Little Bit of Crazy, Mixed With Ignorance

Gabriel Ansley doesn't just rely on his dating system or his interpretations of the Bible. He's got direct evidence from God for this bit of insanity.

Several times on his website, he mentions "signs" that he and others have received from Yahweh to confirm that he's on the right track.

Add to that his attacks on the Theory of Evolution, which is the foundation of modern biology and confirmed across numerous scientific disciplines, Gabriel is a literal Young Earth Creationist for whom science is a dirty word. For Mr Ansley and people like him, science is bad...unless it's doing stuff like curing diseases, taking pictures of distant galaxies, building computers, helping us grow enough food to feed ourselves and keeping our water clean.

Not being one to judge others, he uses videos made by convicted criminal Kent Hovind. I guess Hovind's numerous convictions for federal crimes wasn't enough to convince Mr Ansley that Kent is an unreliable source.

As with Dr Ramsundar, Mr Ansley is basing his beliefs upon the words of people without sufficient educational background in the field they are writing about. Kent Hovind is often referred to as "Dr Kent Hovind", but he has no doctorate in science or anything else from an accredited university. But, because he tells people what they want to hear, their statements are taken as true.

Seriously, I weep for my country when science-unfriendly people like Gabriel Ansley are given more credibility than people who have spent decades of their lives in the search for scientific Truth.

"Thou Shalt Not Steal"

I noticed right away that the video contains a portion of the 1966 film "The Bible: In the Beginning..." in which Jon Huston plays the character of Noah. The relevant portion can be found starting at about 9 minutes 30 seconds. The movie is the intellectual property of 20th Century Fox and I don't know if the video uploader received their permission to do this. If not, this video could be taken down from YouTube if 20th Century Fox were to file a DMCA complaint.

Further into the movie, what appears to be a scene from the 2014 film "Exodus: Gods and Kings" plays starting at 25 minutes, 50 seconds. Again, this is a film owned by 20th Century Fox.

There are clips from other movies used throughout the video, though all are altered so that the images aren't as clear as in the original films. But, these are scenes from motion pictures which are all the intellectual property of others and, as far as I am aware, the person who posted this video did not receive the films' owners' permission to use them. The usage of these clips probably would not even be covered under Fair Use.

Even if we assume that the person who uploaded the video is sincere and only has good intentions in his heart, that does not make it permissible to use someone else's intellectual property without their permission or even giving them credit.

Deja Vu All Over Again

After Harold Camping predicted (inaccurately, of course) the Rapture to occur in May 2011, his radio network and many of his followers spent large amounts of their own money to advertise the coming apocalypse. Advertising campaigns were carried out in countries all over the world and advertisements appeared on billboards, park benches and various other media.

Imagine my absolute disgust when I discovered that Gabriel Ansley wants people to do the same thing for him. He not only wants people to buy ad space in the media, but also to place ads on park benches, bus stops, aerial banners, etc and he's even looking for someone to turn his message into a movie!

Gabriel Ansley, Profit of Doom?

It's entirely possible that Gabe is totally sincere. He may actually believe this load of shit that he's shoveling. But, I have to admit that I'm also wondering if Mr Ansley might be looking at the Bottom Line.

After all, he's selling his book and other items on his website. He could have made his entire book available for free download and printing, but he didn't. While I admit that running his several websites costs money, he does have a pretty good chance of selling a lot of books of he manages to get enough free advertisements from committed believers. At $12.95 a pop, that could add-up pretty fast and he's got over two million views on his video already.

A good way to make an apocalyptic prediction is to place the event far enough in the future so that you have enough time to get your message out. In the interval between today and The End of the World, there's plenty of time to sell books, collect donations and maybe get paid speaking fees by people who want to know if they should get ready for the End of Days.

There's also plenty of time for people to visit his YouTube channel to discover his music videos. Gabriel is also an aspiring Country Music singer and I doubt if he'd turn down a recording contract if someone offered it to him before Jesus gets back. As it is, he still has 13 years to get rich and famous before the Second Coming. No sense devoting yourself entirely to doom-saying if/when Nashville beckons.

I Hate Gabriel Ansley and Everyone Like Him

The one thing that turns my stomach to the verge of projectile vomiting when I see people like Gabriel is that after they've sold all the books, collected donations from their followers and gotten people scared perhaps to the point of suicide, is that when The Big Day finally arrives and their predictions have again been proven false, they never give back the money they've made. Ever. They never even talk about it.

A simple "I guess I was wrong" has to suffice for all the people who bought books and donated their hard-earned money to these charlatans, only to realize that it was all for nothing. Afterward, the  now-former doomsayers can just count their money and laugh all the way to the bank. I wish a slow death in abject poverty on all the people who sold their books predicting the 2012 Apocalypse and got rich, while frightened people cowered in fear around the world. Not a single one of these 2012 profiteers expressed any sort of sorrow when Isabel Taylor committed suicide out of fear of the predicted doomsday.

And Now A Word From Jesus
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. 
(Gospel of Matthew chapter 7, verses 15 to 20)

My Prediction for 2028

When Jesus hasn't arrived by the date Gabriel is giving us, I'm going to go get some food to celebrate his non-arrival. Maybe some chicken curry. Yeah, that sounds good. Spicy hot chicken curry, a side order of deep-friend spring rolls with plum sauce for dipping and either a Pepsi or Thai iced coffee to wash it down.

That's going to be my Doomsday Dinner.

Duane Browning

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Calling Out Efraim Inbar's Bullshit

Efraim Inbar, director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, a professor of political studies at Bar-Ilan University, and a Shillman/Ginsburg fellow at the Middle East Forum recently published an article titled "Turkey is no American Ally", which was originally titled, "America's Unacknowledged Problem." and I take issue with a number of statements Mr Inbar made. I will quote directly from the article itself:
But Erdogan-led Turkey does not behave as an ally or a friend of the US. This is not a new development.
If he means that Turkey hasn't always marched in lock-step with American wishes, he may be correct here. However, Turkey is a sovereign country, with its own interests, concerns and goals. The Turkish government is obligated to look after Turkish interests first. Its allies' concerns must come secondary.

For example, Turkey shares a common border with Iran and it's in Turkey's best interest to keep relations as friendly as possible, considering how much trade they do with each other. Iran is one of Turkey's largest trading partners and Turkey receives a considerable percentage of their natural gas from them. Yet, the USA expected Turkey to simply jump on-board  with a new round of sanctions against Iran and when Turkey hesitated, the USA held up military aid that Turkey needed in their fight against the PKK terrorists.

Okay, the US is concerned about Iran's nuclear program. But, Iran hasn't made any attempt to strike either the US or Israel militarily and such attempts would be noticed long before they came to fruition, assuming that they'd even be crazy enough to try. But, the PKK insurgency was a daily problem in Turkey which has cost thousands of lives. So, Turkey needed those weapons a lot more than the US needed to further turn the screws on Iran.

Besides, I've never heard of Turkey attacking US Navy ships or conducting espionage operations against the United States, both of which Israel has done.
Erdogan and his Islamist party, the AKP, have ruled Turkey since 2002. Erdogan's Turkey has gradually distanced itself from the West, adopting domestic and foreign policies fueled by Ottoman and Islamist impulses.
I think what is actually happening here is that Turkey has reevaluated its political position in its part of the world. The USA maintains close political and economic ties with its neighbors, Canada and Mexico. But, Turkey's only friends in its own region had long been primarily Azerbaijan and Israel. That's two countries out of all the countries in their neighborhood. Not much, when you think about it. Having a powerful military, a relatively stable government and a surging economy all at the same time, it was not in Turkey's best interest to have little, if any, influence with its neighbors, especially considering much of that part of the world was once under the Ottoman Empire's domain and therefore has historical significance to the Turkish people. We also cannot ignore the simple fact that 98% of the Turkish population is Muslim and the Turkish people have a strong affinity for their coreligionists, such as in Lebanon and the Palestinians.

For too long, Turkey has been obediently silent on Middle East issues, deferring to US and Israeli interests, while alienating and antagonizing its Iranian and Arab neighbors. That isn't much of a trade-off.
Turkey has been on the road to an authoritarian regime for several years. Infringements on human rights have gradually increased. In truth, Turkey has never had a political system with checks and balances able to constrain attempts to consolidate power around one politician. In recent years, Erdogan has weakened further the few constitutional constraints against the 'Putinization' of the Turkish political system.
I've got news for you: Turkey hasn't exactly been a bastion of democracy, even before the AKP took power.
The military, once active in politics as the defender of the Kemalist secular tradition, has been successfully sidelined.
Like the coup the military carried out against the democratically-elected government of  Necmettin Erbakan? While Turkey's economy certainly improved after the coup, the coup itself resulted in thousands of people being arrested, tortured and killed. The coup leaders themselves were eventually arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to prison. In fact, there was allegedly another planned coup in the works when the AKP won elections in 2003 and the Turkish government is currently cracking down on yet another military-linked organization's plans to overthrow the government.

I don't know how the Israeli people might feel if their own military decided on its own that they didn't agree with the election results one year and decided to step in and overthrow the government. But, I suspect that they wouldn't be very comfortable with their military doing something like that.

Essentially, Mister Inbar is saying that the Turkish military knows better than the Turkish people how to run a government.

Sorry, Efraim. Democracy is messy.
It pretends to cooperate with the US policy in the attempt to contain radical Islam, but actually Turkey supports ISIS. 
This is simply repeating claims made in Newsweek that Turkey gives actual military support to ISIS, but the reporters were unable to independently verify the claims made by their source. That did not stop other publications from taking the allegations as Gospel, as if an accusation equals proof. However, documented encounters between ISIS and Turkish forces have shown that the Turks have not hesitated to attack ISIS.

Prior to the Syria Civil War, relations between Syria and Turkey were actually warming-up, with Turkey offering to serve as mediator in 2009 for negotiations between Syria and Israel. While Syria was open to this, Israel flatly rejected the offer.
Turkey is also openly supporting another radical Islamist organization – Hamas. 
So does Qatar. Despite this, Israel has established trade relations with Qatar and the Qataris even assisted with the rescue of Jews fleeing Yemen.

Let's not forget that Hamas won elections in Gaza. So, they are the democratically elected government of the people living there. Israel might not like it, but there it is. If Turkey is trying to build bridges wit the Palestinian people, that means all of them, whether on the West Bank or in Gaza. While Hamas holds sway over Gaza, the Palestine National Authority does so in the West Bank and the Turks need to maintain ties with both parties to be effective diplomatically, especially since Hamas and the PNA are often opposing each other.
Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, has a rabid anti-American position.
You can find Hamas' charter at this link. There is no mention of the United States anywhere in it. Being anti-Israel does not make Hamas anti-American by default. Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas at the time, strongly condemned the 9/11 attacks.
In 2003, Ankara denied the request from Washington to open its territory so that the US military could attack Saddam Hussein's forces from two separate fronts.
You mean for the war President George W Bush justified by saying, among other things, that Saddam was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, which turned-out to be completely untrue? The war where Al-Qaida grew by leaps and bounds? The war which turned the entire country of Iraq into a war zone? That war?

Now, I wonder why Turkey didn't just want to leap right in and help us with that fiasco?

Seriously, though. Turkey was already in the middle of its own quagmire, fighting the PKK on its own soil. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a war in Iraq would turn into the same thing. If Turkey was going to start being a major diplomatic player in the Arab World again, it couldn't be seen as America's obedient lapdog, willing to let its master do as it wished, whenever it wished. So, rather than play the enabler for an obviously foolish endeavor, Turkey passed. In hindsight, it was a good plan.
AKP-ruled Ankara also defied American preferences on Syria, a country allied with radical Iran and on the American list of states supporting terrorism. In January 2004, Bashar Assad became the first Syrian president ever to visit Turkey. In April 2009, the two states conducted their first ever joint military exercise. No other NATO member had such close relations with the authoritarian regime in Damascus, which has been closely allied with Iran for several decades.
I think Mister Inbar needs to buy a recent map of the region. If he looked closely at Turkey, he'd notice that Syria and Turkey share a common border. In fact, the Syrian border is the longest foreign border Turkey has. It would seem to be a good idea to, at least, try to get along with your next door neighbor. Plus, since Syria is close friends with Iran and Iran also shares a border with Turkey, it makes even more sense. This isn't complicated stuff here, Efraim.
Turkey further deviated from the Western consensus in 2008 by hosting Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir twice. Bashir, who was charged with war crimes and genocide in Darfur, presided over an Islamist regime.
He was invited to Turkey in 2009 to attend a meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. As the sitting head of state of a Muslim majority country, he was entitled to attend. He later visited Denmark to attend conferences on climate change and Mr Inbar doesn't seem to have a problem with that.
Turkey even welcomed the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for a visit in August 2008. No Western country has issued such an invitation to the Iranian leader. Additionally, Erdogan congratulated Ahmadinejad immediately after his re-election in June 2009. When it comes to Iran's nuclear threat, Ankara, unlike its NATO allies, has refused to adopt the U.S. stance on harsher sanctions, fearing in part the economic consequences of such steps. In June 2010, Turkey voted at the UN Security Council against a US-sponsored resolution meant to impose a new round of sanctions on Iran.
Well, excuse Turkey for trying to stay on good terms with a neighboring country who happens to also one of its largest trading partner and the source of about 1/3 of its natural gas. Does Professor Inbar want Turkey to remain on outright hostile terms with countries with whom it shares a common border? I seem to remember Israel working very hard to establish peaceful relations with Jordan and Egypt. So, it's good enough for the Israelis, but not the Turks? Really?
Turkey also has consistently defied advice from Washington to tone down its anti-Israel statements and mend relations with an important American ally. All American efforts in this direction have failed.
Okay, I'll give you this one. But, the more important question is how important is Turkey's relationship with Israel, as opposed to the importance of Turkey's relations with the rest of the countries in the region, many of whom still don't like Israel very much. As I said, Turkey had offered to mediate negotiations between Israel and Syria, but Israel's rejection of the Turks' offer was undoubtedly quite an insult to the Turks who had made the offer in good faith and in the interests of peace. It looks like Turkey offered a helpful hand and Israel slapped it away.

Besides, Israel seems hellbent on starting a war with Iran, with Iran fighting Israel directly or fighting a US-led coalition. Either way, a war involving Iran would have even more disastrous effects than the Iraq War did. At the very least, you'd see Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and perhaps Pakistan dragged into it, with hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming across the borders, many of whom will end-up in Turkey. Who will feed and shelter these people? Israel? Doubtful. The United States? Given America's bungling of the disaster relief efforts after Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, I doubt the USA could suddenly be able to competently handle a refugee crisis on the other side of the world. Israel can keep pushing for a war they want when they know they'll get off scot-free (aside from the occasional missile hit or bombing) but they wouldn't get stuck with the bill for the cost of the war they seem to want so much.

Of more concern to me is how the anti-Jewish rhetoric is spreading through Turkey, causing some Turkish Jews to emigrate to Israel or other countries. Jews have long been loyal, productive and contributory citizens of Turkey and it will be a sad day for both Jews and Turks if the Jewish community in Turkey fades into history as those of Libya and Egypt have and those of Lebanon are well on the way to the same fate.
There is also a clear divergence between the US and Turkey on important global issues such as Russia and China. For example, the US. wanted to send ships into the Black Sea via the Bosphorus Straits during the Georgia war in August 2008. Turkey flatly denied several such requests on the pretext that the military vessels were too large. Moreover, Turkey proposed the creation of a regional security framework involving Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, that left out a NATO role. More blatantly, Turkey has failed to participate in the Western economic sanctions imposed on Russia during the recent Ukraine crisis.
Yes, it certainly seems to be in Turkey's interests to piss-off the Russians, another major trading partner.(sarcasm) When the Republic of Turkey was founded, one of the first countries they signed a peace treaty with was the Soviet Union. Why? Because it was a big, powerful country that was pretty close-by. Well, the Soviets are gone, but the Russians are still around and Russia is still a big, powerful country that is still very close-by.

One of the biggest reasons for the decline of the Ottoman Empire was its loss in the Russo-Ottoman Wars, a lesson not lost to modern Turks. Yes, the USA is a powerful ally, but it's very far away. While a military conflict between Turkey and Russia is unlikely, a trade war is very possible. Since Armenia is a Russian ally, it behooves Russia to remain on friendly terms with the Turks. Plus, Azerbaijan is an ally of Turkey and it's a good idea to for Russia and Turkey to be friendly with each other so that they can work together in the future to resolve the Armenia-Azeri conflict, which in turn may finally lead to open diplomatic ties between the Armenians and the Turks, which have been stalemated for years.

Think long-term.
Dissonance exists also with regards to China. While the US fears the rise of China, Turkey sees this country as a potential economic partner and not as a problem. 
 China is a major trading partner with Turkey, right now! Most recent figures show that China is #15 on imported goods from Turkey and #2 (slightly behind Germany) on goods exported to them. By comparison, the USA is #9 on products from Turkey and #5 imports to Turkey.

Here's the rundown:

Exports from Turkey
1) Germany (9.2%)
2) Iraq (6.7%)
3) Iran (6.1%)
4) United Kingdom (5.4%)
5) United Arab Emirates (5.0%)
6) France (4.4%)
7) Russia (4.2%)
8) Italy (4.2%)
9) United States (3.8%)
10) Spain (2.5%)
11) Egypt (2.4%)
12) Belgium-Luxembourg (2.3%)
13) Saudi Arabia (2.2%)
14) Netherlands (1.9%)
15) China (1.9%)
16) Switzerland (1.6%)
17) Romania (1.5%)
18) Azerbaijan (1.4%)
19) Free Zones (1.4%)
20) Israel (1.3%)

Imports to Turkey:
1) Germany (11%)
2) China (9.9%)
3) Russia (7.3%)
4) Italy (6.6%)
5) United States (6.4%)
6) France (4.2%)
7) Spain (3.1%)
8) South Korea (2.7%)
9) India (2.7%)
10) United Kingdom (2.7%)
11) Switzerland (2.1%)
12) Belgium-Luxembourg (2.0%)
13) Netherlands (1.9%)
14) Ukraine (1.9%)
15) United Arab Emirates (1.8%)
16) Greece (1.7%)
17) Japan (1.7%)
18) Kazakhstan (1.6%)
19) Romania (1.6%)
20) Algeria  (1.6%)

By the way, if the USA is nervous about the rise of China, why does it do so much trade with them? On that vein, maybe Professor Inbar should ask his government why Israel does so much trade with China, too?
It held military exercises with China. Ankara even considered purchasing anti-aircraft systems from Beijing, an incredibly brazen position for a NATO member!
Israel has also held military exercises with China and even sells them weapons! They even tried to hide this fact from the United States. What utter hypocrisy!

Granted, Israel is not a member of NATO, but they are a major non-NATO ally of the United States and a major-league recipient of military aid from the USA.
It is not clear why Washington puts up with such Turkish behavior. The Obama administration seems to be unable to call a spade a spade. It refuses to acknowledge that Turkey is a Trojan horse in NATO, and that Ankara undermines American interests in the Middle East and elsewhere.
What kind of question is that? Why does the USA "put up with" Turkey's "behavior", like they're some sort of bratty child, instead of a sovereign nation with a culture much older than our own? Are you, a university professor, so wrapped-up in your little world view that you'd expect Turkey to just make enemies with everyone that Israel is enemies with, regardless of the Real World consequences?

In case anyone missed the irony: calling Turkey a Trojan horse? Seriously, Efraim? You know that the troops inside the Trojan horse were Greeks, right?

Okay, I think maybe the professor was intending to refer to the Turks as a Fifth Column in NATO. Some sort of hidden threat to come spilling out when we least expect it, I guess. He doesn't say what's supposedly hidden inside the Turkish Horse.

So, Professor Inbar's problems with Turkey is that it hasn't always been blood enemies with countries Israel doesn't like (e.g. Syria and Iran) and that it didn't jump on the bandwagon for the Iraq War to topple a dictator Israel didn't like (i.e. Saddam Hussein), plus, they're trying to make friends with China and Russia, which I guess Professor Inbar sees as a bad thing.

Now, I totally understand that Professor Inbar is an Israeli and is a self-declared Zionist, so for him Israel is all that matters. He wants Israel to be safe and he thinks that everyone in the world should want the same thing. Fine. I get it.

But, Professor Inbar seems to forget that not every country in the world is going to put Israel's wants and needs above their own. Most won't and Turkey is one of those countries that will not. They've got their own problems, their own goals and as long as Israel doesn't get in the way, I'm certain that things will work out.

I'm guessing that Professor Inbar's biggest problem with Turkey is their soft-handed approach with Iran. Sure, Israel - or, at least, Professor Inbar - might enjoy the sight of Tehran being bombed out of existence, but I think that Turkey is onto something here. You know, it's a lot easier to talk to people when you're not trying to starve them out or threatening them with nuclear annihilation.

I wonder how Professor Inbar felt about Israel's monetary enticement they offered to the Jews of Iran to emigrate and also how he reacted when the Iranian Jews told the Israelis that they were insulted at the attempted bribe.

Did it hurt much to be rejected like that? Kind of like getting stood-up at your senior prom, wasn't it?

Turkey's approach to international diplomacy - trying to make friends with as many other countries as you can - is certainly better than trying to make everyone afraid of you. On the domestic side, the AKP is even building bridges with Turkey's Christian minorities. I'd be happier if they'd do the same with their Jewish citizens, but things take time.

I hope that I've stated my objections to Professor Efraim Inbar's article well enough.

Duane Browning