Monday, February 11, 2013

Adult Site Text Spam

If you received this message via text message:

Hey i put some pictures on my profile on hottdate .com it's laura by the way
The site redirects to and it seems to be a legitimate adult dating site. Send an email to to ask them to stop calling or texting you.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Get Paid to Watch Porn? SRSLY?

I'll admit that I've watched some porn. Usually, I'll do this when I'm bored and can't find anything else to watch or do at the time. There are a lot of free porn sites on the Internet, so I don't - and won't - have to pay for any of it. After all, why should I pay for something that I can get for free?

But, my visits to porn sites are few and far between, since porn doesn't really interest me and I can usually find something more entertaining, like watching grass grow or paint dry. Even when I watch online porn, I'll skip-around the video, trying to find the good parts or I'll watch a couple of minutes of it and look for something else. If the video doesn't keep my attention for three minutes, I'll move-on.

I doubt if the people who run the porn business make any money off of guys like me.

Anyway, while clearing-out my Spam folder, I found this email:
From: Paid To Watch

Watch Porn for Cash, NO BS!
Easy, Fast Sign-up
Unlimited earning potential Click OR Copy And paste Site Into Your Browser to start making MONEY NOW!
So, I could actually make money watching porn, like a professional reviewer? Wow!

Being rather amused at this, I decided to have a look at the site. When I went there, my anti-virus program gave me a security warning, but I pressed-ahead and found the site. It's pretty well-made, for a porn site.

I found the page which describes how it supposedly pays you to watch porn:
  1. You sign-up for an account and verify your age with a valid credit card
  2. You purchase videos to review at 99 cents each;
  3. You watch the video, write a review and send it in;
  4. Once they approve your review, they credit you $1.50;
  5. Once you get $10 or more in credit, you can cashout
This looks like a scam on so many levels.

First, the email address it was sent for is which is the first red flag. Why nothing from a account?

Second, the website is registered in Romania, not the United States and the website is written in American English, not the Romanian language. Why is that? Porn is legal here, so there wouldn't be any problems starting a real pay-to-review site here, unless this whole thing is a scam where the people behind it all intend to charge all kinds of shit to your credit card and not pay you a fucking thing for any review you send in. Being in a foreign country puts them outside the jurisdiction of American law enforcement, so you'd have no legal recourse in the event of nonpayment. 

Third, there's no guarantee that you'll get paid in a timely manner. Remember that you've already given them 99 cents and it'll be up to them to decide whether or not to approve your review. If they don't, they may tell you to rewrite it and I can safely assume that most "reviewers" will get tired of doing rewrites and editing their submissions. I suspect that most of them will give-up and go watch the next video or just quit entirely. In the end, it's money coming in for paid2watchxxx with the real possibility that they won't have to send much of it out. Add to that they fact that they've still got your credit card information.

My favorite part of the email was where it said "Unlimited earning potential".Yeah, like you could make thousands of dollars doing this. Reality check: you'd have to submit 20 reviews and have them all approved before you make your first ten dollars in commission! If the vids are on the short side - say, ten minutes each - that's 200 minutes (almost 3 1/2 hours) of videos you'd have to watch, plus the time you'd have to spend writing the review, waiting for it to be approved and maybe having to do a few rewrites afterwards. If the videos are on the long side, that's even more time. You'd have to "work" the better part of a whole day's time to make ten fucking dollars!

This site is affiliated with and that site is registered in Cyprus, so an American who signs-up for this is completely at the mercy of people who may or may not be acting honestly. They don't give you a postal address, telephone or fax number to contact them with, only an email address. The registered owner is a company called Alacre Trading Ltd, which also owns, which is a dating site.

Personally, I wouldn't trust these people.

Besides, since when does the porn industry need reviewers for their videos? There are already extant websites that do this sort of thing. Even if porn review sites didn't post a review for them, they could easily get feedback for their videos much easier than paying some guys to watch them:
  1. find a free porn site that allows uploads and sign-up for an account;
  2. upload ten minute samples of your videos with information included at the beginning and/or the end where people can purchase the complete video;
  3. check back to see how viewers have rated the video clips and read the comments;
Bear in mind that a lot of guys are just like me and don't want to pay for porn when they can watch it for free, so this is not a guaranteed thing.

In a larger sense, there is so much porn available out there that a porn company really has to stand out to be noticed in the first place. The vast majority of porn I've seen in my life couldn't even remotely be considered to be of the same quality as even the most low-budget shit coming out of Hollywood. The acting is usually terrible, the orgasms are faked, the music comes out of a can and the scenery is usually just a room with a bed or somebody's back yard. Porn companies spend as little as they possibly can to make their stuff and sell it with as high a profit margin as the market can bear. There are so many fly-by-night porn operations out there that even the biggest porn producers have to compete in a vigorous market. They're not going to invest money in something so stupid as a review site. They've never needed one in the past, so why bother?

This one looks like a scam and a pretty pathetic one, too.

Duane Browning