Saturday, December 25, 2010

Unwelcome Phone Calls from Toll-Free Numbers

EveryCall.US has a list of the most-reported telemarketing calls on their website. Since I had some free time, I decided to do a bit of checking on the list to see who the companies are that these numbers belong.

Here we go:

800-684-8429    In Use since 1995 for a customer of Verizon 800-483-3722

800-669-0102    In Use since 2010 for a customer of AT&T

877-819-6042    In Use since 2005 for a customer of Sprint 800-795-1004

800-395-2274    In Use since 1997 for a customer of Verizon 800-483-3722

800-555-0433    In Use since 2003 for a customer of AT&T

800-733-1116    In Use since 2005 for a customer of Verizon 800-483-3722

800-959-1373    In Use since 1998 for a customer of Verizon 800-483-3722

800-900-1372    In Use since 2010 for a customer of TransNational (TNCI) 800-800-8400

800-848-9380    In Use since 1997 for a customer of Verizon 800-483-3722

800-395-2274    In Use since 1997 for a customer of Verizon 800-483-3722

800-331-0500    In Use since 2003 for a customer of ATT

800-754-0961    In Use since 2002 for a customer of AT&T

800-947-5096    In Use since 2002 for a customer of AT&T

877-874-5811    In Use since 2010 for a customer of Phone People aka Onebox 858-569-4444

877-825-3242    In Use since 2009 for a customer of Mpower Communications 702-310-7994

877-838-4347    In Use since 2001 for a customer of Verizon 800-483-3722

Duane Browning

Unwelcome Phone Calls from 888-729-1134?

Browsing through the various websites dedicated to fighting unwelcome telemarketing calls, I found complaints regarding the number 888-729-1134. The complaints seem to be about unauthorized charges on credit cards, which is pretty serious.

The number of reports on this number on 800notes, everycall, CallerFinder, PhoneOwner, and PostCallNotes got me curious about who these people are. So, I did a search at TollFreeNumbers to see what I could find out about these people and this is what I found:
888-729-1134 In Use since 2010 with TimeShift (aka Onebox) 323-817-3220
The phone number 323-817-3220 is the customer service number for OneBox, which is a company that describes itself thusly:
Onebox is owned and operated by j2 Global Communications (NASDAQ: JCOM), the makers of eFax®. Onebox provides a comprehensive suite of outsourced virtual phone, fax and email services for small businesses and individuals around the world. With nearly 60 stae-of-the-art features to choose from, Onebox is designed to make peoples' lives easier. 
The Onebox virtual PBX phone system enables small businesses to sound like a Fortune 500 company - without the dramatic associated expense. Onebox is your own virtual office assistant that puts you in control of all of your communication needs. It answers your calls with a professional greeting and forwards them to you wherever you are. Onebox also offers the finest in online fax services, voicemail to email, as well as audio/web conferencing.
We pride ourselves on offering five-star customer service and dedicated to our goal of saving your business time and money. Contact one of our representatives today to see what Onebox can do for you.
So, it seems that the people calling from 888-729-1134 recently bought their number from OneBox. Like any company, OneBox should have a customer service department and finding their contact information was easy on their website and this makes it convenient for people to contact them with any complaints they might have about a phone number registered through their company.

Corporate Headquarters

j2 Global Communications
6922 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028


Call 888-OK-ONEBOX  (888-656-6326)

Customer Service:

In U.S., Call 866-761-8108
Outside of U.S., Call 323-817-3203

For the sake of full disclosure, I do feel obligated to point-out that OneBox has been accused of corporate misbehavior itself and you can find links to articles discussing those accusations here. I cannot personally vouch for the accuracy of the accusations, but I felt it necessary to provide a link to them.

Duane Browning