Wednesday, April 1, 2015

These guys don't quit

Recently, I received an email, supposedly from (the email address of Arizona State University):
Subject: MS

We have a customer service survey assignment in your location and we will pay $200 per assignment which would come in the form of a cashiers check for you to perform your assignment.
The job Entails an Evaluation process such as visiting Wal-mart/K-mart,e.t.c 
Send below information to get started If you are still Interested Applicants are to forward Information below:

Personal Information:

Full Name:
Phone (Cell):
Address (No PO BOX):
Zip Code:
Gender & Age:
Email Address:

Thank you for participation.

The MS Evaluator
Shopper International
Sending a reply reveals this address as the recipient: Project_real@gmx.coM

A few days later, I received this email

Subject: INF0-B0NUS
You will be assigned to visit a shop.
You need to "pretend" to be a normal potential customer who is looking for a particular service or product.
You will then finish an on-line questionnaire to share with us your customer experience.
19 years old or above.
Can read and write english.
No experience needed like shopping.
You will get $25O for each assignment.
Most of the time you will only need to spend 20 minutes on the visit.
Personal Information:
______FullName :-
____FuIIA.d.d.r.e.s.s :-
___StateCityZip :-
__Zip Codes :-
__Phones :-
___Genders :-
___A,g,e :-
_____CurrentJob :-
I will be looking Forward to your Response.
Agent of Managers
Greet America, Inc
Attempting to reply to this message reveals the intended recipient to be and accounts associated with the domain have been widely associated with spamming and scams posing as job offers.

Notice that both emails were of the same type in that they were offering jobs as "mystery shoppers", which are typically bogus and even the legitimate mystery shopper jobs only pay, at most, about $20 per job and assignments are few and far between.

Using a spare email account, I sent replies to both and Project_real@gmx.coM but have received no reply. I'm guessing that they will only reply to email accounts that they have previously contacted, making them immune to potential scam baiters.

Duane Browning

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