Tuesday, May 3, 2011


One thing that irritates many of us who have to ride our bikes in the rain is the spray of rainwater and mud that flies up onto our backs. Even with fenders, there is still something that gets kicked-up by your wheels that could still hit anyone riding too close in back of you.

I'd like to give a mention to Rainy Day Biking. This company doesn't have a big inventory, but what they do have is very interesting.
They offer several types of reflective mud flap extensions for your bike fenders.


I can certainly see how these would appeal to many of us, as we have all come off a bike ride with road mud on our backs and sometimes also our fronts. Sometimes, we try to find the perfect fender that would protect us from this, but we just can't see to always find it. 
While a front fender gives some protection, you still have the problem of mud and water hitting your feet, downtube and even your face! A rear fender will eliminate a lot of the back wheel kicking-up crap onto your back or whomever may be riding behind you. But, adding these extensions to your fenders gives even better protection from these unfortunate incidents. Yeah, they may look a bit dorky, but they'll seem a lot less so than your being covered front and back with whatever you rode over on your bike on the way to work or school.
Let's face it: a even the best cycling raingear out there won't protect you from getting mud on you, front and back, like these will.
 I'd certainly recommend these to bicycle commuters, especially to children.
Duane Browning

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