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GETMY100.COM Telemarketer/Spammer

(This blogpost has been extensively rewritten to include new information about this spammer and how to report them to the appropriate agencies)

I found-out about GETMY100.COM from a reply to a previous blogpost and decided to have a look at the site. Not much there, aside from links to their Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, a link to their Unsubscribe page and a Contact link with a mailing address.

Doing a WHOIS search yields no results about the owners' identity, other than the IP number of and that the server is based in the USA. A number of rather questionable sites are also linked to GETMY100's server.

I figured that the mailing address would either be a fake location - possibly a vacant lot somewhere - or a virtual office. My second guess seems to be the correct one. The address of 442 Court Street in Elko, Nevada turns-up as an office address for several law firms. Virtual offices are a good way for certain types of companies to save money. They can have their mail delivered there for later pickup or to be ignored, they can rent a meeting room for perspective clients and lots of other things that a company would otherwise have to pay exorbitant monthly rents for, in addition to staffing fees. With a virtual office, a lawyer or whatever can work out of their home and outsource a lot of their work to temps. This address is available for renting a virtual office and it costs $50 a month, so this isn't going to bankrupt these guys, unless they are complete morons and total failures as telemarketers.

A virtual office is also a good way for a spammer to provide an address where complaints can be mailed and promptly ignored. It's also very difficult to serve legal papers (like lawsuits or criminal complaints) when you don't even know the name of the person you're serving, especially since a WHOIS search doesn't reveal the name of the domain's owner.

These guys are pretty sneaky. There's no telling if the mailing address is really one they use of if they just provide it to give people an address to mail stuff, even if they'll never receive the envelope. You could be mailing a letter to these guys and some poor secretary will receive it without the slightest idea of who is supposed to get it. There is a mail forwarding service that uses this address, so it's possible that they still might get letters. Then, there's this little tidbit from their Privacy page

SMS Service. This Site may make available a service either directly or through third parties that will result in you receiving messages on your wireless device via short message service ("SMS Service"). By using this site you understand that your provider's charges apply to all SMS sent and received by you, and that these charges are billed by your mobile service provider. You are responsible for payment of these charges. You represent that you are 18 years of age and the owner or authorized user of the wireless device on which messages will be received, and that you are authorized to approve the applicable charges.
You may opt out of the SMS Service by replying with the keyword "STOP" to the SMS received. You can also unsubscribe directly from this Site using the unsubscribe link. This process only impacts the delivery messages from this site and will not unsubscribe you from other SMS programs to which you may have subscribed.
So, even if you reply to their textspam with STOP, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE or whatever it really won't stop you from getting spammed again. If they primary company - in this case GETMY100 - takes you off their spam list, it will not affect your being listed on spam lists owned by other people working on their behalf. Even if you are on a government Do Not Call list, simply giving them your phone number is enough for them to justify spamming you or sharing your number with other people who will spam you. So, if you get textspammed and go to their website to unsubscribe, they now have your number to do with as they wish. Oh sure, they can't spam you, but it won't stop whoever they give your number to from doing it, especially since they now know that your number is valid.

So, unsubscribing doesn't appear to make any difference, one way or another.

I did find an interesting Facebook posting by some one who actually claims to have first created the GETMY100 website. The message was posted on Facebook about a year ago and I have no idea if this person is really the individual behind all this or her Facebook page got hacked and the post created without her knowledge or permission. So, please be aware that this person could have been the victim of hacking and her account taken-over. If she has nothing to do with GETMY100, it is interesting how she hasn't contacted Facebook and attempted to get her profile back. Even if her account was only temporarily hacked, I wonder why she hasn't gone back through her posts and deleted it by now? This gets even stranger when you realize that GETMY100 has its office in Elko, while the woman who created the post lives in Baltimore, Maryland. I reproduce the post here:

Displaying the only post.

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This same woman's face appears on a profile at CAFEMOM and was used to respond to this post. The profile hasn't been accessed since 2009, but you can view all the comments the profile has posted here. The website GETMY100 was pending deletion in March 2010 and was registered again in March 2011, but the identity of the new owner is unknown to anyone but the people they bought it from. I only included Ms. Guerrassio's posts and links in the event that some one contacts me to ask about them. In the event that she has nothing to do with GETMY100's current activities, I request that no one contact her about it in order to prevent an innocent person from being harassed.

In the event that some one forwards this blog's link to her: I strongly advise Ms Guerrassio to log-in to her Facebook and CafeMom accounts and remove all of those posts.

I also found GETMY100 listed in the tags of a blogpost here [1] [2] [3], but you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see them. You can find a contact email address on this link, for all the good it will do.

Here is as complete a list as I can find of all numbers associated with GETMY100.COM. Bear in mind that these numbers may have been spoofed, so calling them back won't make much difference.

Phone Numbers Associated With GIFTMY100.COM


Go to the Federal Trade Commission website to file a complaint. be sure to include the mailing address given on the GETMY100 website in your complaint: 442 Court Street, Elko,NV 89801.

Since the mailing address is in Elko, NV, you can contact

Make sure to inform them all of the mailing address given on the website.

GETMY100.COM is registered by Domains By Proxy, Inc and this service is for people who don't want others to know who owns a website. However, Domains By Proxy does have its own website where you can file complaints. I am not sure about how quickly - if at all - the company would respond to complaints, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Simply go to and click "File A Claim". Mention that you received the message via cellphone text, so there are no email headers to forward to them.

I cannot say for certain what, if anything, would come of complaints to any of these agencies, but it never hurts to try.

There are a number of toll-free numbers associated with GETMY100. They either had them in the texts that were sent out for people to call or were included in textspam unrelated to GETMY100. The toll-free numbers are
  • 800-803-9251 
  • 877-553-7042
Free free to call them from a convenient public payphone to voice your displeasure over being textspammed.

Duane Browning
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