Saturday, December 17, 2016

Working Hands Fingerless Gloves

I'm always on the lookout for comfortable gloves to wear while cycling. Sometimes, I take a chance on fingerless work gloves, only to be totally disappointed when they don't perform as expected.

Such was the case when I recently purchased a pair of Working Hands fingerless gloves at Walmart. They weren't too expensive and they felt so good when I put them on. I wore them everyday after I bought them and wasn't disappointed in how they felt when I wore them. No chafing, no breaking-in period. Just pure comfort.

Sadly, this came to an end after I put them in the wash for the first time. Normally, I prefer to hand wash my gloves. But, since I was doing laundry anyway, I figured that I may as well toss them in.

After the wash cycle, I hung them up to dry and left them up for a couple of days.

My love affair with these gloves ended when I put them on. The palm of the left hand had worn-through and began to fall apart even worse when I wore them anyway.

I don't know if they had begun to fall apart before I wash them. But, the damage was done. There was nothing I could do to repair or save them. So, at the end of my work day, I had no choice but to buy a new pair of gloves and discard these. 

I've never been so disappointed in a pair of gloves not working out. Perhaps if I'd hand washed them, they wouldn't have worn out so quickly. 

Working Hands gloves are so very comfortable to wear, but apparently also very fragile. 

Duane Browning
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