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Danica Dillon versus Josh Duggar

Like many people, I read with great interest the news report of a porn star, with the stage name Danica Dillon, who claims to have been paid for sex on two separate occasions by Josh Duggar.

According to her story, Duggar was very rough with her during their first appointment. She claimed that he had flipped her around "like a rag doll". According to her interview with Entertainment Tonight he approached her again some weeks later, apologized for being so rough with her and asked for a second chance. She relented and she said that he was "a completely different person", though still a little rough.

Aside from a bit of titillation and a sense of "gotcha" on Duggar, with the revelations of his sexual abuse of young girls and his two Ashley Madison accounts, this seemed like small potatoes by comparison.

Jump forward a couple of months and Danica Dillon is reported to have filed a half-million dollar lawsuit against Duggar for his behavior during their two trysts earlier this year. Despite her earlier claim that he was only "a little rough" during their second encounter, she now claims that the second time was as violent and tortuous as the first. According to her court filings, she is so traumatized by what Duggar supposedly did to her that she has to undergo counseling and is unable to work in her profession.

Okay, I've got a few observations to make about this. But, first...

Full Disclosure

I used to work in Honolulu strip clubs as a disc jockey and was in the business for several years and during that time, I became very familiar with strip clubs and somewhat familiar with the porn industry, as well as the escort business.

I have absolutely no problem with anyone who chooses to work in the Adult Industry as a stripper, porn actor or escort, as long as they do so of their own free will.

Porn Star = Great Sex?

Some guys might be under the impression that having sex with a porn star might be the best sex they could possibly have and would be an experience beyond any sex they could have with anyone else. If you see ads posted by porn stars who advertise themselves being available as escorts, you'll see that their asking prices are far above what other escorts would ask for.

In the Age of the Internet we now live in, it's possible to find out how much an escort would ask for versus how much a porn star would and the results are quite significant. On average, a porn star escort asks for "donations" roughly 5 to ten times what other escorts do. So, Danica Dillon's $1500 is about average for a porn star escorting.I've seen figures that are much higher, ranging into thousands of dollars for one hour of their time. Of course, they wouldn't ask for that kind of money if they didn't think they could get it.

You may be wondering if it's worth it. Is sex with a porn star actually better than sex with any other woman, including escorts who don't work in porn?

Fortunately there are websites where men who patronize prostitutes can post reviews of how much or little of a good time they actually had and if it was really worth the money. Guys who have paid for sex with porn starts occasionally frequent these sites and talk about their time with whatever porn star they had sex with.

Overall, the results I've seen didn't indicate that these men enjoyed having sex with a porn star any more than with other escorts they had already seen and some men didn't think it was worth it at all. Often, porn stars who also work as escorts don't want reviews of them posted on the Internet, possibly for that reason.

So, from what I've read of reviews posted by johns, having sex with a porn star is no better or worse than having sex with any other woman. Maybe she might be willing to do things your wife or girlfriend wouldn't, but she'd probably not be better than other escorts in your city who charge a fraction of whatever the porn star does. So, sex with a porn star is kind of like buying a brand name shirt, you could have gotten something just as good for a lot less money.

And now, here are my opinions and observations on this lawsuit.

Unclean Hands

First of all, Danica Dillon's suit appears to be tainted by what lawyers refer to as "unclean hands". Dillon admits to accepting money from Duggar on two occasions in exchange for sexual services. This is prostitution and prostitution is illegal in all 50 states, with limited exceptions in Nevada. In Pennsylvania, where the first encounter took place, prostitution is a third degree misdemeanor. It is extremely unlikely that Danica wouldn't have known this when she agreed to accept the $1500 from Josh to go to a hotel room to have sex with him. They weren't just two consenting adults having sex, they were both breaking the law: Duggar for offering her money for sex and Dillon for accepting money for sex. The starting point for both events is a criminal act. By filing the lawsuit, Dillon is publicly admitting that she has engaged in prostitution.

Reckless Disregard for Personal Safety

Assuming what Dillon claims happened is what really happened, looking at it from a neutral point of view makes me wonder why she seemed to be so unconcerned for her personal safety while it was happening. Never mind the fact that she went to a hotel room with a guy she didn't know and had just met earlier that night. She claims that he didn't use a condoms. While I can't claim firsthand knowledge, even streetwalkers don't have sex with customers without a condom (convenience stores in areas where streetwalkers can be found often keep large stocks of condoms for sale) and I think most professional escorts would do the same. Yet, Dillon risked catching a sexually-transmitted disease, as well as pregnancy by not insisting he use one. Also, if he was so rough, did she tell him to stop while it was happening? Reading the news stories and watching the video posted above, she seems to have just laid there while he physically and verbally abused her. For all she knew, he could have killed her in that hotel room and her children would have had to go on without their mother. Imagine that: your mom gets killed turning a trick in a hotel room.

Way to give a shit about not only your own safety, but the welfare of your kids, Danica.

Oh, but it doesn't end there. She let him have a second chance only a month later. Any jury would ask themselves, if he was so bad the first time, why did you let him do it again?

Do you suppose I could go out with a woman, beat her up and rape her, then go back a month later to apologize, ask for a second chance and get one? I don't think so. What woman in her right mind would give me a second opportunity? Apparently, Danica Dillon would.

According to the court document, for the first encounter, Duggar actually followed Dillon to her hotel and propositioned her there. Didn't that creep her out, just a little? Most women would have had alarm bells going-off in their heads at that point.

She Can't Work? Really?

Dillon claims that the two encounters with Duggar left her so traumatized that she can't work in her chosen profession.

What "chosen profession" is that? If she's saying that she can't dance in strip clubs anymore, a quick look at her Twitter feed tells me differently. She has continued to tour around the USA and work at exotic dance clubs.

Maybe she can't make porn anymore? Again, her Twitter feed doesn't indicate that, though she has slowed it down a bit, claiming to need to concentrate on her personal life. But that decision came after the announced lawsuit.

Or is it because she can't work as a prostitute anymore? Well, that really can't be considered damaging, since she wasn't supposed to be prostituting herself in the first place.

So, exactly how has she been negatively effected by her encounters with Josh Duggar? Her claims of being mentally traumatized by him must be weighed against the first interview she did and the fact that she agreed to see him a second time.

Don't Expect to Get Paid, Danica

Dillon claims that, despite Duggar agreeing to pay her $1500 for the first time and only giving her $1000. I don't know if he paid her whatever he promised for the second time.

Still, if she's anticipating some big payoff, she might not want to get her hopes up. Duggar's family life is in tatters and his reputation is down the toilet. Josh isn't going to be bringing in the Big Bucks for a long time, if ever. If his wife decides to divorce him, Duggar's finances will be destroyed and there will be nothing left for Dillon to squeeze out of him.

It's entirely possible that Josh Duggar will try to rehabilitate his image when he gets out of rehab. Assuming his wife doesn't divorce him, he may try to reinvent himself in the same way that Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart did after their sexual misbehaviors became public knowledge. He might write a book about his "struggles with sexual addiction" and go on speaking tours around the country.

But, I wouldn't put too much faith (see what I did there?) in that being a way for Duggar to repair his shattered reputation. While Swaggart and Bakker did make minor comebacks, they were never as big as they had been pre-scandal. American evangelical Christians aren't known for being very forgiving in regards to sexual scandals committed by people they once idolized.

All that being said, I really can't see a judge or jury awarding Dillon any sort of damages. Remember, her "trauma" was the result of committing the act of prostitution on two occasions. In other words, she wants to be paid damages for injuries she suffered while she was breaking the law.

As I mentioned, prostitution is illegal in all 50 states, with limited exceptions in Nevada, and the government wants to discourage people from either being or patronizing prostitutes and rewarding damages to Dillon would, in effect, be rewarding her for breaking the law. The government's responsibility is to punish lawbreakers and awarding her damages could be seen as condoning her actions and the State cannot do that.

To make matters worse for Danica, her real name is now public knowledge, as is the fact that her husband is in the US Navy. I have no idea how the Navy would react to that bit of information, especially if he were in a supervisory role where he is stationed.

Simply by looking through her Twitter feed, Danica has gone back to her life of porn with a little bit of extra fame on the side. But, I hope she's not anticipating a big payoff from Josh Duggar in her future, because I think she'll be waiting a long time.

So, you may wonder what she should have done?

In my opinion, she should have just chalked the first appointment up as a lesson learned: don't take total strangers to your hotel room. She got roughed-up, scared and insulted. For that, she got $1000 cash money.

There have been prostitutes who have gotten killed by their customers.So, Danica Dillon can just cry me a river.

Duane Browning
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