Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eng Wang, Still Scamming

People are reporting that they've received text messages that say they've won something from Best Buy. Naturally, these are all lies and some of them are perpetrated by our old friend, Eng Wang.

Here are some of the domains Eng Wang owns:

They all share the same WHOIS information:
RSP: KalyHostURL:
created-date: 2012-11-24 03:35:01updated-date: 2012-12-03 00:30:04registration-expiration-date: 2013-11-24 03:35:02
owner-organization: owner-name: Eng Wangowner-street: 4954 Wei Shenowner-city: Hong Kongowner-state: owner-zip: 5495839owner-country: CNowner-phone: +86.852485354842owner-fax: owner-email:
admin-organization: admin-name: Eng Wangadmin-street: 4954 Wei Shenadmin-city: Hong Kongadmin-state: admin-zip: 5495839admin-country: CNadmin-phone: +86.852485354842admin-fax: admin-email:
tech-organization: tech-name: Eng Wangtech-street: 4954 Wei Shentech-city: Hong Kongtech-state: tech-zip: 5495839tech-country: CNtech-phone: +86.852485354842tech-fax: tech-email:
billing-organization: billing-name: Eng Wangbilling-street: 4954 Wei Shenbilling-city: Hong Kongbilling-state: billing-zip: 5495839billing-country: CNbilling-phone: +86.852485354842billing-fax: billing-email:

Duane Browning 

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