Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Angela Bussio's Latest Scheme

Remember the Profit Masters Academy that I wrote about before?

Well, things didn't seem to be working-out and they changed the name of it again. Now it's called the Home Profit System. I found several spam messages on Facebook advertising it, which read as follows:
My best friend's half-sister makes $65 hourly on the internet. She has been out of a job for 6 months but last month her paycheck with bonus was $21762 just working on the internet for a few hours. Read more here http:\\\ILuMH
I went to the link offered and was sent to, an anonymously registered website. The fact that the website's owner doesn't want you to know their physical address should be an immediate red flag for you, if you weren't already skeptical,

Anegela Bussio is styled as an "Author and TV Personality" on the site, but I could find no listing for her at, which lists everyone involved in movies and television, including people who work behind the scenes. Angela doesn't bother to even tell you herself what TV shows she works on. She may be talking about her appearances in a grand total of six videos on the "At Home With Maria" channel on YouTube.

Angela Bussio's claim to be an author was already dealt with in the previous blog, so I need not go over that again. On her website, she claims to be a co-author of "How Did You Do That", but going to that book's Amazon page, you'll see that the book's author is Gail Kingsbury and Angela Bussio is not mentioned, even though other contributors' names are listed. By the way, while Angela claims that the book went to #1 in its first week after publication, there are a grand total of two reviews on Amazon, one is a five-star and the other gives it one star, so how great can it be? If it did go to the top spot, it didn't stay there for long.

Her Internet presence seems to be limited to her Twitter account (her last post was back in October), a page on Amazon as a book reviewer (she has no page listing her as an author), the home page of her company Real Stress Solutions and a YouTube channel where her each video has less than 100 views and the channel has only four subscribers despite the channel having been created over a year ago. I've got a YouTube channel and even I have more subscribers than she does, even though I seldom post videos there.  She also claims to be a host on the "Women's Information Network", but that show is apparently so successful that the website is offline. She also used to have another website for “5 Minute Stress Solution”, but that's offline, too.

That's quite a list of "accomplishments", Ms Bussio.

There are a number of videos on YouTube where Angela does appear, either being interviewed or where people debunk her claims about how she can help them make money. It seems that the only person making money is Angela Bussio.

I have no doubt that Home Profit System is as much a load of crap as Profit Masters Academy. If it wasn't, she wouldn't have to keep changing the name of it, would she?

Duane Browning
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