Saturday, July 28, 2012

Textspammers Hiding Behind is a perfectly legitimate company that offers low-cost webdomains to its customers. A service they offer to their clients is Webguard, which allows people to protect their anonymity from being made known to the general public through a WHOIS search and keep spammers of all types from acquiring their home address, telephone numbers, email address, etc.

There is nothing wrong or illegal about Namecheap and how they do business. What is wrong is when text spammers register their domains through the company, purchase Webguard and then send textspam to thousands of innocent people with the assurance that none of their victims will be able to discover their whereabouts. Typically, victims will see the Webguard and give-up trying to reach the spammer or from finding-out where the spammmer is really located.

Namecheap is very attractive to textspammers, due to the low costs of registration and Webguard, which seemingly allows them to operate with impunity.

Add to that, the fact that Namecheap's physical address appears to be a virtual office owned by Regus USA, which would make it difficult - if not impossible - to have legal documents like a summons or a subpoena delivered to Namecheap in order to initiate a civil case against Namecheap and/or the textspammer.
11400 W.Olympic Blvd. Suite 200
Los Angeles , CA90064
 As I stated, Namecheap is a legal company offering a legal service to its customers. As such, they would have a lot to lose if they get charged by either Federal or California law enforcement if they with knowingly allow illegal activities to be conducted by a client who uses their Namecheap-registered website as part of this activity, such as facilitating the repeated and flagrant violation of a Do Not Call list.

In order to protect themselves, Namecheap has an avenue for complaints to be filed through their website.

To file a complaint against a website registered with Namecheap, go to their support page and follow the instructions. They also have email address that they have published
Feedback Department
Support Department
As further proof that Namecheap is not complicit in any of the potentially illegal activity that a tiny minority of their customer base may be engaged-in, they are able to be contacted through their Facebook page and you can also find them on Twitter. People who are knowingly conducting criminal activities would not make themselves so accessible.
To be clear: is not engaging in any illegal activity and I believe that they will act on complaints that they receive against accounts engaging in illegal or harassing activities.

In order to facilitate this information being made available to people who may wish to file complaints against textspammers, I am going to list all links associated with textspam that are registered with Namecheap. If the link you want to complain about is listed, file a complaint with Namecheap. If the link you received is not listed here, please let me know in the Comments section and I will add it at a later time.

Textspam Links Hall of Shame

Duane Browning
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