Saturday, April 9, 2011

At Least He Stopped Using SMS

Our buddy, Basil Al-Haddad is now known as Geoffrey Owen and he has decided to stop using text messaging and use emails, like most of the other scammers out there.

The advantage to his using email, instead of SMS is that recipients no longer are forced to read his messages and those people who have limits on the number of texts we can send or receive before they have to pay for them no longer will lose money because some lazy jerk is running a scam. He's also stopped using O2 email and is now using Microsoft Live.

This is his new email address

This is the email he's been sending out lately:

I am quite aware of the impact strange e-mails like mine do have onpersons especially when they are unsolicited for, I must therefore apologize for intruding.
However, I am getting in touch with you as regards the assets of a client (deceased) who you share the same family name. He served as a contractor for Jiyeh Power Station Lebanon until the power station was bombed by the Israeli air force during the Israel-Lebanon conflict in2006 (leading to his death).
I am Geoffrey Owen. I work as an investment adviser for an assets management firm. It is our responsibility to locate the family of the deceased and pass on the assets by intestate succession. I advise you to contact me ASAP seeing that the assets are about to be confiscated to the Her Majesty Treasury if nobody comes forward for it.
I patiently await your response. I can be reached at 011 (44) 787 2282424 or +(44) 787 228 2424 for further discussion
I appeal for your tolerance if my message is contrary to your moral ethics. Thank you.
Yours Faithfully,
Geoffrey Owen.
He really seems to like those two phone numbers, which are the same one he used in the text spam period.

Thus, our friend joins the legions of scammers who litter our inboxes with their scam letters. This, of course, can easily be ignored, as opposed to the text spamming.

Duane Browning


Green_Magix said...

Sounds lame

Anonymous said...

Well, his use of SMS got him into some trouble. Seems that somebody retaliated and Geoffrey couldn't take what he was dishing-out.