Sunday, March 27, 2011

WaterWorks4U & Peter Goodgold

The are people out there that want us to believe that the water we drink is too acidic and that this is the cause of many or all of our health problems. These people can often be found selling water ionizers, which supposedly can save us from the health-damaging effects of acidic water. One man, Peter Goodgold, goes so far as to claim that there is only one disease: acidosis; and if we can prevent acidosis in our bodies, we will not get cancer or other diseases.

A pretty heavy claim, Pete. When I think of the centuries of time wasted in doing the research to find cures of cancer, AIDS, diabetes, etc when all we had to do was simply drink alkaline water, I just want to crawl into a bottle of rum and stay there until I die.

Peter is such an altruistic human being that he's even started a business to sell products that you can use to make your own alkaline water: and for a measly $2000 you too can find the miracle cure for all known diseases. Oh, sorry, Peter says that the only disease we have to fear is acidosis.

I could save you some serious money if you want to find a way to cure acidosis, but don't have the money to spend on Pete's super-spiffy ionizer. Here you go

Pete has a long history of selling stuff that makes you healthy and happy, besides water ionizers. He sells WildWaterfalls, too. Of the rocks he carves when he's making them, Pete said

"When I carve the rocks, they talk to me. They tell me where to cut...."

Whatever you say, man. Whatever you say. Most people would get put away in a mental hospital if they went around saying that rocks talked to them. But, who am I to judge?

Anyway,  the water ionizers appear to be Pete's main product, so let's deal with Pete's claims by offering-up some videos for you to watch. I am no scientist, but I'm a pretty sharp guy and I think I have the wherewithal to be able to discern between a scientist with a solid background in the field being discussed and a bullshit artist who's simply out to sell me something. I'm also smart enough to let the experts speak for themselves, rather than make a pathetic attempt to explain the science myself. 

These videos were posted on YouTube by people with scientific backgrounds (as opposed to Peter Goodgold, who has no scientific training that I am aware of) and contain a lot of scientific jargon. But, I think they can be understood by most people.

Peter Goodgold or friends of his, responded to these videos by filing complaints under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), as you can see here
and it was mentioned by lapkine77 in the video posted above, which is actually a remake of a previous video which was taken off YouTube, due to a Terms of Use complaint. But, I personally found the video so entertaining that I found a mirror of it and I include it here
I'd also like to post this video from AnswersInBooks, who posted this video about the current ongoings with the potential legal battle between himself and Pete Goodgold. He also gives me a nice shoutout near the end of the video

I think many people prefer videos rather than reading stuff, but if you have some free time, you can read the following webpages which debunk the pseudoscience of ionized water merchants here, here and here. In the description box of this latest video, AnswersInBooks also posted these links to articles he wrote with even more information at here and there.

But, what about the business practices of Peter Goodgold and WaterWorks4U? Not having done business with Peter & Co. doesn't allow me firsthand experience. However, others who have done business with Peter have posted reports of their experiences here.

Peter Goodgold used to have his own channel on YouTube where he featured his videos hawking his stuff, but that channel was taken down and if you go to the link where his channel used to be, you will see this message
Alert icon
Waterworks4U has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of our Community Guidelines.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Seems that Peter doesn't play well with others.
At least there is one bit of truly honest information available on the WaterWorks4U website and you can find it at the very bottom of his website in very, very small print. It says:
All information presented through this web site, or associated manufacturers, has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These products are neither formulated nor prescribed for any medical condition; they are formulated for use as an important addition to the daily diet.
Uh, yeah. I guess these water ionizers aren't the Fountain of Youth, after all. Besides, if you take a look at Peter Goodgold himself, you'll notice that ionized water can't even cure male-pattern baldness, so how great can they be?

Peter Goodgold may be making some good money by selling this crap and preaching bad science and he may think that this entitles him to step on anyone who tries to educate people about Goodgold's spurious claims. I think that Grimlock the Dinobot could sum-up my response to Peter Goodgold, his company and the products he sells: 
"You wrong and you ugly, too."
Duane Browning 
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