Why Comments Are Moderated

I get this question sometimes. Though I don't have to, I'm going to explain why:

  1. To prevent spamming. I've run blogs before and I've had to spend too much time deleting comments from spammers advertising some product or posting a link containing malware. Rather than give these people a free place to post their crap, I moderate comments to keep them from appearing on my blog. I've had a few really good comments that people submitted which unfortunately had a link to some product they were selling, so I didn't approve the comment. It isn't my job to advertise your product and if you want to comment here, leave advertising links out of your comments. I do have ads here, but revenue from those ads benefits me, while revenue from people posting links in their comments benefits them. Since I stand not to benefit from people clicking your link and you do, I choose not to allow you to do so.
  2. To prevent trolls posting abusive comments in an attempt to start pointless arguments with me. They simply want their comments posted so they can brag about it to their friends. I'm not going to allow trolls to takeover this blog in their immature attempts to find meaning in their lives.
  3. It's my blog and I'll run it how I want. Attempting to goad me into changing this will avail you nothing. If you don't like how I run this blog, go start your own, though I doubt if you'll have many readers.

Duane Browning

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